Change Consulting

At PS it is our view that the best people to lead and manage change are those who know the company best – your employees. However, we also know that sometimes it is helpful to have guidance and support or an external perspective. At PS we can provide you with that support by partnering with your internal teams to ensure knowledge transfer is consistently occurring.

At PS we can work with you to:

  • Develop a compelling case for change
  • Facilitate leadership team sessions on developing strategies and plans
  • Conduct a change impact analysis to ensure the full impact of the proposed change is understood
  • Develop your change strategy and resultant change plans
  • Conduct a lessons learned review following programme completion
  • Develop and implement your internal change framework
  • Conduct change readiness assessment
  • Conduct a risk assessment
  • Work with your impacted teams to help them adapt to the change
  • Troubleshoot challenges during the change programme
  • Develop high performance frameworks
  • Develop competency frameworks
  • Redesign your organisation including developing role profiles to ensure your business is structured with the right capabilities to execute your business strategy
  • Implement My Change Manager into your organisation